Thefuture Raise

Raising a Safe World for the Future.

Thefuture Raise will work with the My Hash banner to help you invest and trade with Hash Token; which is the face of the future.
Thefuture raise is affiliated with the World Cryptocurrency Bank in Switzerland. The crypto Hash Token will be the new and bright future of the world. My Hash is committed to providing a platform that will be able to integrate the latest technological advances with real-time finance. The digital age has its own set of approved elements and features that are essential to merge with security to ensure investor rights are protected. The goal behind the creation of My Hash (a crypto-asset bank) is to provide a bank that focuses on digital assets and offers alternative investment options. While keeping under control the latest technological advances and the growing affinity for process engineering.

About Us

My hash is the first of its kind in Switzerland and we are determined to make Future the banking giant.

The next increase will be the My Hash part; which is a renowned and esteemed group of Swiss private banks. They will deal with Crypto Hash Token and work tirelessly and with dedication to meet your needs.

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Thefuture Raise with the collaboration of My Hash will feature a total of 12 easy and affordable purchasing plans and will aim to serve you by:

Combining advancements in technology with the already known and established elements of traditional banking is the key to crypto-banking success. Protecting investors is one of our priority roles and regulation is essential to achieve this. The advantages of choosing us as a bank are numerous but mainly:

Our Services

We aspire to give our clients the confidence and power they need to succeed in the mixed economy world. We help you manage digital assets with our cryptocurrency services. Our services include providing our clients with safe, secure and vertically integrated services. Our services are comprehensive and capable of covering processes spanning the entire lifecycle of crypto assets. 

We help you in:

• Acquire digital assets
• Provide solutions to clients and their investment options
• Provide a transaction bank
• Ensure the tokenization of assets
• Organization of crypto loans

We have a team of qualified professionals able to meet your banking needs with their experience and knowledge. We will always ensure that we maintain a balanced team that will always be able to meet your requirements and meet your needs. Ranging from people expert in information technology, to crypto-economy, to technology in general; We have built a team that knows its stuff and has been at the forefront of innovations and breakthroughs in this sector.

The launch of Hash Token will revolutionize the world and with Future Raise you can be part of this revolution. The best part about our financial plans is that we aim to serve people of all levels of funding and investing abilities. We plan to support the growth and evolution of emerging technologies such as blockchain by encouraging small investors for promising and rewarding innovations. The future raise, supports us, to generate profits of up to 30%.